Property Management

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No matter the size and type of your property, it is as strong as the weakest link. That’s why we offer 360-degree services to every detail of your property’s day-to-day management and longer-term needs. Novices in our market tend only to be concerned with collecting rents and completing repairs, but our years of experience gives us the advantage of delivering excellence to every nuance involved in maintaining your valuable assets. Our property management services include:

Maintenance and Repairs

Fixing broken systems and appliances is a top priority for your tenants, and we make sure that we hire only the best to deliver the best. We have a trusted network of vendors, including electricians, painters, plumbers, and general handymen who are available on short notice to come on-site, assess the situation, and turn the job around quickly and cost-effectively. When a tenant moves out of a unit, we do thorough inspections to ensure they have honored their rental agreement and use our contractors to perform any maintenance or repairs required to get the property back to move-in ready condition quickly.

The Financial Cycle

We handle all stages of your property’s financial cycle, starting with the monthly collection of rent, deposits, and any follow-ups on delinquent payments. All monies are put into a trust account directly available to you. We also handle all bills that the property owes various entities for each month. These include, but are not limited to, legal fees, insurance, mortgage payments, and utilities. At the end of each month, we deliver via print, email, or both, a financial statement for your review that includes each property’s balance sheet, general ledger, profit and loss statement, and rent roll. These statements can be customized to show as many specific details as you wish to analyze. 

24-Hour Emergency Service

Is there anything more frustrating than dialing a service provider and being instructed by a recording to “call back during normal business hours?” Our business hours are 24/7. That’s when we are available for emergency services for both you and the tenants of your property. We believe in dealing with issues head-on and as quickly as possible. This results in happier tenants and more valuable property.